Lovelite - Review

Lovelite Collage

by Katy Collins


Lovelite is a husband-wife band out of Califonia. They lead the crew and have a missional motivation to use their music to reach communities that aren't so familiar with the sounds of worship tunes.

I listened to their song, "Nearness" and cranked it up as loud as my iPad would allow. In "Nearness" I was taken to a familiar place - night driving in California, cruising on the freeway, windows down, music loud, and on my way to a lonely pier on the beach maybe, or a dark but chill coffee shop. The sound in "Nearness" had an airy, mysterious feel to it. It was perfect music for a cloudy day in Seattle when you feel like putting your heart into worship but not in a cheesy, poppy way. The band claims to be like "Death Cab for Cutie" and my gorgeous Washingtonian friend once give me their CD and I did in fact cruise down California freeways at night while blasting its similarly eerie (but without being frightening) melodious tune. I can see the link.

What I like about Lovelite as a band is their desire to pursue the non-churched communities around them and bring them closer to the churchy concept of worshipping Jesus, but in a familiar way. They want to give those non-churched communities music that isn't threatening. Lovelite music can be turned on and enjoyed whether the listener enjoys the God they're praising yet or not.

In their song, "Overcome" they wrote this creatively lovely lyric, "In a desperate place, we have heard You sing, of a surprising love that changes everything." That line is a sweet string of poetic words and presents a great truth about our passionate and powerful Lover who enters into our perpetual desperation. And all of "Nearness" took me there as well- flourishing, thoughtful words. I found myself easily enjoying the songs Jen leads vocally. But because I was ready for that "Death Cab" sound, with my hairy blowing around my face as salty, sea air whipped through my car, I am wanting the unique, airy, mystical sound she offers. Andrew, her husband, certainly provides the calmer more typical sound and together they harmonize tightly.


Being a husband and wife team, has given them years of learning to jive vocally so they can sound unique in their harmonies and seamless too. The more indie and non-normal-Christian they go, the more I like it. When Jen puts harmonies out there that go into the minor notes it gives you that airy mystery that rocks something in your soul and causes you to pause and settle into an other-worldly place of truth and love.

Keep writing, and keep singing guys. Looking forward to hearing even more of your unique songs and sound.

Praying for the communities who hear your stuff- that they'd be similarly drawn to the tones and the sounds you produce and then once drawn in, they'd listen and encounter the glory and beauty of our King.

Lovelite's Facebook Page

Duo photo permissbly lifted from the Lovelite Facebook page


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