Evan Thomas Way - Only Light

Evan Thomas Way

by Cory Enderby



Evan Thomas Way, based out of the Portland area, has just released a solo record that I believe is one of the best "complete" albums I have heard in the Christian Folk Americana genre. I had the pleasure of listening to it on my 11 hour drive up to New York. I also downloaded three other albums to break up the presumed monotony. However, we actually found ourselves listening to Evan's complete album several times on the trip. The album itself is overtly "Christian" and the lyrics are really thoughtful and harmoniously put together.

Additionally, you can catch a piece of his heart on his song "Tell it like it is". In the song he is essentially saying that it is ok to wish each other blessing and peace and love, etc..., yet it is also important to tell people what's really going down in the kingdom of God—that that's what true love is.

When listening to this album, it gives off nuances of Tom Petty and The Byrds, which is nice if you can pull that sound off, which he does easily. Overall, I am really blown away by this album. He does such a great job on it. Furthermore, I am doubly blown that I can call him brother. What a cool dude to meet someday in the kingdom of Jesus. Five stars man...




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