Four Star Revival - Knights Of The Revival Review

Four Star Revival

I am really blown away by Four Star Revival's new album Knights Of The Revival. The singer has Layne Staley (Alice In Chains) similarities at times, but also has a real Power Metal aspect to him. The guitar playing is very decent. You have to have good guitar stuff going on in metal. That's just a prerequisite. Drumming and bass are also very, very good. I am impressed that these guys are making this kind of solid Christian music. Their overall sound has Hard Rock and Metal elements to it that definitely remind me of 80's/90's with some Black Sabbath nuances. After a little investigation, I found out that the singer was in a band with former members of metal giant Armored Saint. I think I may have even had something by them on cassette back in the day. Too long ago... Anyway, the guitarist was also in an 80's band called Warminister, which I never heard of, but I checked them out online and they were the real deal. They had the whole 80's getup going in their pictures, and if you had that, you were serious. You can also hear the 80's solo thing in Benny Bodine's (guitarist) playing. He rips through some flying guitar solos on this album. I am still listening to it and processing it, but my favorites so far seem to be Hold On, Red, Somewhere To Run To, Shine and Fade.

Overall, a blown your mind debut album by these guys. Keep em comin'!

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